Four Steps Any Leader Can Take to Ensure That the Odds of Business Success are Ever in Their Favor



According to a survey, conducted by Dimensional Research, of just over 1000 people, 95% will share their stories of bad customer experiences. Out of the 95%, 54% will share their story with more than five people, and 45% also share their stories on social media. Each negative story that gets shared creates a damaging impact on your company’s unique brand identity effectively increasing the odds of business failure.  A leader must proactively take steps to prevent negative experiences and create positive experiences. Let’s explore four steps that the leader of a backpacking expedition takes to ensure a positive backpacking experience and evaluate how they apply to business.

Enlist All Team Members

On an extended backpacking trip, the backpackers must work together to carry what they need to achieve their goal of having a positive experience and avoid overtaxing themselves. For example, one backpacker will have the pots and pans in their pack while another will have the stove and yet another carries the tent. For your business to be successful in creating positive experiences and building the company’s unique brand identity, without experiencing team member burn out, you too need to work together. Your team should consist of everyone who is currently working for the company. Doing this will help to ensure positive experiences for your customers, team members and other stakeholders.

Consistently Follow Documented Processes & Procedures

When backpackers hit the trail, they need a way to chart their course. Consequently, they must guarantee that someone in the group will have an up-to-date map and compass to help guide them. As your business works on establishing its brand identity, team members will need to follow current, documented processes and procedures; which will help them to handle diverse situations consistently.

Establish Effective Business Systems

Adding unnecessary weight to a pack can overwhelm the backpacker and cause them to fall to the wayside and be left behind. Thus, it is vital to use the proper equipment to avoid burdening team members with excess weight. As a business leader, you need to make sure that company systems and applications support your processes, procedures and users (you, the team, customers and stakeholders). Having the right systems and applications will help all involved to have a positive experience and not become overwhelmed, fall by the wayside and be left behind.

Clear, Concise, Compelling and Consistent Communicated Messages

As you have seen planning an extended backpacking trip has a variety of steps. However, the excursion will not take place if the date and time do not get communicated. You too have a message to convey. This message is your company’s unique brand identity. Customers will only come to you if they know who you are and what you have to offer them.


As we have learned from these backpackers, positive experiences are created by enlisting all team members, consistently following all documented processes and procedures, establishing effective business systems and consistently communicating a clear, concise, compelling message. In the upcoming weeks, we will delve deeper into each of these four steps which will ensure that the odds of business success will ever be in your favor.

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